Helen Frankenthaler

frankenthaler75 frankenthaler-21 basque-beach-1958 color_as_field_13 helenfrankenthalermountainsandsea1952 frankenthaler 2004-129-1-8x10-_custom-063d258ea03ecff3f98c8a3782a9548d87e5d86c-s6-c30 4716e6fade65271c_large 22515 636-strokes-web1000 Alpha-Phi 1961 by Morris Louis 1912-1962 5616378292_325c5884d9_o

22517 swan-lake-2-1961 indian-summer-1967

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Clara Balzary Photography


flowa1535811b6bfa4cd0-00070005-1dragged ba81bb4b15ff4e42-clouds ef1bd5bf2c7f8823-00120035-1dragged fa946ea6ee2a00cc-00090025-1dragged a6ab0b51f33f8884-19_18 5c6c3604ad589093-natalie_hill_color 4f1fa2db4ab64154-f74de4f08bed958f-00030024-1dragged 97b568087fe00446-R1-03358-005A a0f112fb741fd665-00010022 bc670835db83e84b-00010023-1dragged

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The Grateful Dead

red-white-and-blue-jerry-garcia 10100315_1 deadbook fd40-grateful_dead-avalon-1966-handbill Grateful_Dead_Car FBGDBERB__62596_zoom 1968 Schermafbeelding 2012-12-03 om 09.46.52 gd970308_01 grateful-dead-dancing-bear-costume-49849698 the_grateful_dead-bears_choice_history_of_the_grateful_dead_vol._ 2147gdsurf 8_1 1000x1000 grateful-dead-concert-ticket-stubs

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Roy Rogers : Vintage Cowboy

1942 Man from Cheyenne - 2 bh 1942 sunsetonthe desert large one sheet 1943 Idaho 1 1944 Lights of Old Santa Fe bh (6) 1944 Yellow Rose of Texas bh 1945 Don't Fence Me In lobby 1945 sunset in el2 1946 Home in Oklahoma bh 1946 My Pal Trigger 3 - bh 1946 My Pal Trigger 4 - bh 1946 My Pal Trigger 7 - bh 1946 mypaltrigger largestill2 1946 Song of Arizon2 1946 SONG OF ARIZONA HALF SHEET A 1946 Under NV Sk (2) 1946 Under NV Sk (6) 1946 Under NV Sk (7) 1947 apacherose largeonesheet 1948 eyesoftexaslargeonesheet

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Hattie Stewart

BPf5zYMCMAEznAM.png-large431922193_1280 8590789315_cb90faa416_o  hattie-stewart hattie-stewart-chicquero10 hattie-stewart-illustrations-1 hattie-stewart-illustrations-5 hattie-stewart-illustrations-6 hwp5 p1040734 tes 01 01-Hattie 01v 03bn 07 10 12-Hattie 13 13a 15-Hattie 18 22

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San Francisco Psychadelic

1235910412PAEX_FD_028_WIP 1237342388gd-cont-largest productimage-picture-crosby-stills-nash-and-young-concert-poster-4179 01 March 1-2 1966 Artist Gary Grimshaw. Big Brother & the Holding Company at Grande Ballroom, SF tumblr_m0n5r4N5XF1r68b0fo1_1280 08 May 20-21 1966 Artists James Gardner & Herb Greene. Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead at Fillmore Auditorium, SF 60s art & fashion_25 20 August 5-7 1966 Artists Mouse & Kelly. Bo Diddley at Longshoremans Hall, Avalon Ballroom, SF SONY DSC tumblr_m8tho4qhjj1r68b0fo1_1280 25 Fillmore west 75eb9e 1236547971bg-07 1237259962edwardian-largest FD57 psychedelic.poster.display SONY DSC

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Colorful Cacti

1568724295_f604c61c50_o 3753619180_c2a69483b9_o 4713354411_59fa3226f1_b 5380291158_53cc498bac_b OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA DSC_0005 ASDM 8.2.13 010 BettyShedCactus Cactus Flower in Desert Botanical Gardens cactus11 cactus213 Echeverias prickly-pear BCFGE

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Lykke Li’s Statement Jewels

Lykke Li, Swedish singer / bandit babe is hands down one of our biggest girl crush’s. With her don’t give a f*ck attitude, wounded rhymes, and perfectly chic, yet eccentric style we are forever in love. Over here at 2B we especially appreciate her knack for statement jewelry. A true visionary enigma, she is not one for loud colors or patterns, but really rocks oversized jewels & gems with a minimalistic black & white palette in her clothing. Featuring layered necklaces, chunky chokers, multiple cocktails rings and cozy furs, trust us you’ll wanna take style notes on this one…

LL_tee-800_800 lykke i Lykke_Li_@_Hugos_01_crop lykke_li_elle_fashionsquad3 lykke_li_Get some Lykke-Li-Craig-McDean3 lykke-li-get-some Lykke-Li-image Lykke-Li-Vogue-Italia-December-2013-2
LykkeLi01 Screen-shot-2010-11-15-at-11.27.10-AM tumblr_mxtcj0wkBZ1qajvqgo1_500 tumblr_n1d7gnBpj81rdn36ao1_500 tumblr_n1xzn5veDN1r33obno1_400 tumblr_n12izhrVHm1r6mnd0o1_500



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Hand Art

Hands say a lot about a person and no two hands are ever the same. Obviously we’re all about telling stories with our hands through jewelry. But let’s talk about the permanent jewelry, hand tattoos!
Whether minimal or extravagant, designs & patterns on hands are so eye catching and we really appreciate the bandits who go all out with permanent hand art. Especially when they co-exist with gorgeous jewelry! Not down with the forever hand ink? Go the temporary route with hennas, which last from one to two weeks.
Check out these major swoon worthy hands and don’t forget to show us your hand swag with 2B gems by hash tagging #the2bandits on Instagram! 

1 2 large-1 large-3 large-5 large-6 large-8 large-9 large-10 large-11 large-12 large-13 large-14 large-15 large-16

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Bandit Street Style : Fashion Week Favorites

a_4x-ffhorizontalStreet-Style-Paris-Haute-Couture-Fashion-Week-Fall-2013LFW-Beauty-Street-Style-Fall-2014 63feb06f4d8d7efc47e147df6cb1f38e e686432b3cd4d9c2b9445adebb936cc8 hbz-street-style-mfw-fw14-day1-10-lg hbz-street-style-mfw-fw14-day1-12-sm NYFW-Street-Style-Day-6s NYFW-Street-Style-Day-7 NYFW-Street-Style-Day-7a NYFW-Street-Style-Day-8 pfw-fw2013-street-style-day3-14_165517646548 03-street-style-shoes-20bd2432da90f98aa56bfc2720ccf7a83 a_4x-horizontal w-lfw-street-style-07 bold-shape-top-deserves-360-degree-view

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