Bandit Babes of the Wild West

Here at 2BHQ, we are forever worshiping bad ass Bandit Babes of cinema. Therefore, we’ve made ya’ll a list of some of our favorite westerns filled with only the greatest of Bandit Babes. These straight shooters of film really perfected the Rodeo Queen look – complete with gun smoke, horses, and simmering scowls. Can we just go back to the ol’ wild west? Get ready to marathon and also, watch out boys…

Jane Fonda as Cat Ballou (1965)

tumblr_mjxf3mVhG11rhp4nco1_1280Brigitte Bardot straight scowlin’ in Les Petroleuses (1971)

f9b8d3f5f6dc092ca5c856d4f92b84d3Ann Margaret shootin’ em up in Viva Las Vegas (1964)
ddfcdd2828236858b6df9fca30ba5f33Brigitte Bardot is the ultimate Bandit Babe in Shalako (1968)d7d2ebc9e5ad955d1a518c04a7c43da1Sharon Stone being all kinds of bad ass in The Quick and the Dead (1995)cb248492b4e0d2a6741cb462490ea67cBrigitte Bardot photographed on the set of Shalako (1968)ca3771ff50cf7dc56997aca759b4421a028b579b5124d09ced1a4919f766d4f1Anna Karina is pure cowgirl perfection.bcc58e34503ec35d435e40d92219e5e4The smoldering Giovanna Ralli in A Professional Gun (1968)bba1105e04237389136afb99c3b1ef63Renegade, Raquel Welch in 100 Rifles (1969)b7a98c28b1866448f21cb566001a6fe1a65d271efaa5b039c7d9a4c54764bd72Jane Fonda still holdin’ em up in Cat Ballou (1965)
a3e94f9fd25cde701d04800cdbeaf4b3Ann Margaret in The Train Robbers (1973)1960b6d5697eace2668d0e493140d2faRodeo Queen, Audrey Hepburn
228b7c3ad2350d648c40c89dfc9deb87Claudia Cardinale in Once Upon a Time in the West (1968)56d00a4696564de8ee47bf6ad860bcd9Literally The 2 Bandits, Salma Hayek and Penélope Cruz, in Bandidas (2006)Bandidas-268965828-largeMarianna Hill in Along the Great Divide (1951)08a4e1fada9d187c69d0ecffec5a4de3And finally, this mega girl-gang of Andie MacDowell, Mary Stuart Masterson, Madeleine Stowe and Drew Barrymore in Bad Girls (1994)bad-girls-744050l

Cecilia Alejandra

Austin based photographer, Cecilia Alejandra is making us eager to pack up and  run away to the desert. Shooting mainly with film and Polaroids, her photographs have an enchanting vintage feel that really resonates with us. The mixed media and funky colors in some of her photographs usually come about from happy accidents, making them that much more unique. One can definitely see her Texan roots coming through her work, and we can’t help but feel a connection to her Southwestern charm. Below are some of our favorite snaps filled with road trips, giant Saguaro, and her bandit babein’ friends. Get lost in her colorful dream world  via xx

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‘Tis the season to get festive.. with Coachella, Levitation (formally Austin Psych Fest), Sasquatch, Bonaroo, Governor’s Ball (+ a million more music festivals) just around the corner, we’ve started this Festival Bandit playlist filled with this year’s festival artists to get us in the mood! Follow our Pinterest board, #FestivalBandit for some MAJOR outfit inspo too! We’ll be adding to the playlist (below) and board all summer long to keep the good vibes goin’.  Xx10wed #festivalbandit Antoine Verglas(photo by Antoine Verglas)


Laurel Canyon: 1967

Picture it: The year is 1967. The place: Laurel Canyon. Tucked away in the hills of Los Angeles, bohemian bungalows fill the canyon inhabited by the coolest and most talented in the music industry. Marijuana smoke fills the air and Frank Zappa could take a stroll down the road and hear the tunes of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young’s guitars echoing through the hills. Graham Nash moved out to LA to stay with his lover, Joni Mitchell. All hanging out together, co-writing songs, taking drugs, and messing around.. David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Michelle Philips, Linda Ronstadt, Mama Cass, The Rolling Stones, Frank Zappa, and Jackson Browne were just a few of the groovy rock ‘n’ roll Bandits that were making history in the free love world of Laurel Canyon. Other stars from all of the world were known to have frequented the canyon to visit their famous friends, too. Here are some dreamy stills from the time we all wish we could go back to and be a part of…57e23985243da8211e7d5db8be0fe954 3ac8b3ea7d530dbee3a79d0c0d2bd7f4 5d4d4374a67a713d5d2c0d46b8c4aed0 6a61a67e8f7aa943b281f7695adda211 6bd9117fdc46844d043f32120c5c83a5 73e4743b5b6dbccc12e2490bface1140 392320d8c7758be1a6da5da4590af189 c0a8fc71cfe8b9dcf8650301d24f5e1a df94836453597c27a1c9b65602e0c43f f05c905c14859df38af336bba4d49be0-1 Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 1.19.34 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 1.19.54 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 1.20.48 PM

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Good luck, Bandits!


Bandit Fashion Week Favs

Fashion Week for Fall 2015 RTW in New York and London has ended and boy are we satisfied with what we saw! 70’s bandit babe style was prominent on the runways. From suede to fringe, to lace and bandanas, we’re having daydreams of a designer dude ranch over here. There were definitely some stand out designers that pulled at our little cowgirl heart strings. Here’s a look at our favorite bandit-esque looks from Fashion Week!


 Anna Sui has proven once again that she has mastered 70’s boho chic adorned with lace-up boots and knitted viking helmets.
_A2X0031 _A2X0295 _A2X0927 _A2X0971
Burberry Prorsum blew us away with bohemian florals and AMAZING head-to-toe suede fringe looks.
BUR_0137 BUR_0717 BUR_0755 BUR_0855
We’re in love with the enchanted, romantic, Victorian-esque lace and embroidery that dominated Alberta Ferrettis (Milan) runway.
DSC416__AG19734 DSC561__AG19879 DSC666__AG19984 DSC728__AG10047
House of Holland featured graphic red and white stripes and very bandit-y neck handkerchiefs.
unnamed-1 unnamed
Coach totally won us over. They really stepped up their game with a fresh, edgy vibe. They even sported bandanas, our fave accessory of 2015! Their show also included AMAZE outerwear with badass leather and luscious shearling.
coach-019-1100 coach-030-1100 coach-035-1100
We could die happy in Rodarte‘s collection. Their runway included sexy leather and lace looks paired with luxe fur.
MARC0009 MARC0031 MARC0167 MARC0569
Temperley London featured graphic tribal prints and gorgeous fall palettes mixed with bright whites and shimmering sequins  – a yummy fall/winter wonderland.
KIM_0248 KIM_0683 KIM_0690
Ralph Lauren brought class with heavenly knits paired with fringe, suede, and fur – mixed with Native American inspired accessories. The looks really screamed Snow Bandit.
ONP_7063 ONP_7096 ONP_7254
Mara Hoffman‘s style is the epitome of Desert Goddess. Her collection featured beautiful tribal and mountain range inspired prints. Her oversized fur coats killed us and her opulent gold and white printed two-piece sets sparkled down the catwalk.
MARC0058 MARC0365 MARC0796

Bandit Stacking Sets

We love a good arm party… So much so, that we designed our bracelets with the intention of stacking, mixing and matching.
We’re now offering our favorite bracelets in 4 different Stacking Sets. The best part is, if you buy the set it’s cheaper than buying the individual bracelets.

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