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Topanga Canyon – Summer’16

Be transported to the canyon roads, bohemian bungalows,
mystic tree-filled forests, and rolling hills of Southern California
with our newest collection – Topanga Canyon.
Delicate fringe chokers, turquoise adorned ring sets, and boho earrings make this collection perfect for any groovy Bandit Mama.
Models: Jordan Rebello, Brielle Hubert | Photography: Heather Gildroy | Styled by: Kelley Ash | H&M: Bethany McCarthy

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Bandit Mama

Happy (almost) Mother’s Day! Let’s give it up for our mamas because mamas know best! It’s the day we all get to show our mothas just how very special they are! Moms are heroes in every sense of the word. They make the ultimate sacrifices, they are strong, and they teach us how to be real bad ass Bandits.

We’re also doing a very special Mother’s Day Giveaway! Win an Annie Oakley Cuff and a Wrangler Cuff to share with your Mom! To win: 1. Post a photo of you and your mama on Instagram 2. Hashtag #banditmama and tag @the2bandits 3. Tell us what makes your Mom the ultimate #banditmama! Contest ends Monday night, so look through old scrapbooks this weekend and show your main lady some love! Scroll down for a little inspo from some of our favorite Bandit mamas lovin’ on their little babes! xo

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