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Freja Beha Erichsen

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I had to check spelling on this name like 5 times. I’ve been following Freja’s career for some while now and am just floored but that face! She gives off this effortless cozy vibe that somehow translates to sizzling hot.
After working with some amazing models, I’ve realized how hard their job can be. Not only do you have to have the looks but you have to be able to move and act the part. I’ve had the honor of working with top talent, including Taylor Warren, Liza Yermolovich, and Teresa Oman. I hope to one day shoot with Freja and tap into her inner Bandit… she would CRUSH it.
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Take a load off, Fanny.



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I’ve learned over the years that relaxing is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. You can learn a lot about a person by finding out how they relax.
Work has been really intense for me lately. I am so lucky to be so passionate about my career but at the same time have learned that checking out is extremely important on so many levels. I also find that while relaxing, I am even more inspired. My boyfriend and I relax the most in the summers. We go up to the river almost every weekend with our dog, Rigby. We hike the redwoods, camp, float the river, and visit the’s our happy place. We recently booked a trip to Maui. This is not really our style or our first pick for an adventure but we are super excited to relax.
Wishing you all a wonderful and relaxing Sunday.

Velvet Underground

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The Bandit team recently went to Tuscon, AZ for the annual Gem and Mineral show. I was still floored even though it was my second year going. There were Gems and Minerals all along the highways outside the motels..truly inspiring and some real eye candy for sure! When I think crystals and desert, it translates into crushed velvet and top hats. To me, thats quite the heady combo.

Circle Game Collection

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“we can’t return we can only look behind from where we came..and go round and round and round in the circle game.” This is one of my all time favorite songs by Joni Mitchell, so inspiring. In fact, the collection was all inspired by this song.

These big round circles and half circles bring me back to my roots of Texas Glam. I need to post pictures of my mom in the 80’s. She was the epitome of Texas Glam, more pictures to come on that soon.

Photography: Zoey Grossman//Stylist: Ashley Glorioso//Model: Teresa Oman//H&M//Stacey Tan

I love working with these girls, special thanks to them.

I hope ya’ll love the collection as much as I do.

(images via here.)